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We specialize in car detailing, tinting, remote starter installation, paint protection, and various aftermarket accessories. We have licensed, experienced technicians that are fully capable of managing all of your automotive needs. It is important to us to go above and beyond our clients' expectations in terms of quality, service, and value for money.

Paint Protection

Paint Protection Film is a clear self-healing film that is applied to a vehicle to protect your paint against rocks, paint chips, and salt.

Full Auto Detailing

We provide a full set of auto detailing products and services. Our standard detailing service includes both interior and exterior auto detailing, restoring your automobile to showroom condition.

Vinyl Wrap

You may change the colour of your automobile with a vehicle wrap, whether it's a partial or complete colour change. To provide the best results, we only utilize the highest quality vinyl films.

Ceramic Coating

The ceramic coating prevents blemishes and damage to a car's paint while also keeping it clean for a long time. It produces a lot of water beading and dirt run-off, as well as a very shiny finish on the car.

Window Tinting

Window tinting is the process of applying a film to the interior or outside of your vehicle's windows. Tinted windows provide some benefits such as solar heat reduction, privacy, and glare reduction.

Remote Starter Supply and Installation

A remote starter allows your car to warm up to normal operating temperature, making the oil less viscous and allowing it to flow smoothly through the engine.

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